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Infamous Inventions of Albert Einstein

Dr Albert Einstein is famous for his Nobel won Photoelectric,Quanta,mass-energy equivalence and the Extraordinary Relativity theories. 


But do you know that,he was also a great inventor?

Read the ones,which i found from various sources.

Infamous Inventions of Albert Einstein LetsPhysics.com

1. Gyro Compass

Dr. Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe had some Navigational Difficulties ,by solving only can allow him to reach the North Pole with a submarine. This led him to the thought of gyro technology which gave the world its first gyro compass. 

His continuous struggle for recognition of the patent right of him compass and his failed attempts to improve the construction of the gyro compass brought him together with Albert Einstein during 1915. 

As the matter went to court,Einstein helped Doctor with the patent issues and also helped him to develop it to a stable one. 
The letters between  Hermann and Einstein,wasn't available to the public,but later when it was available,it was found that Einstein did more than a patency disputer to the creation of Kiel gyro compass and thus contributed to the success of Raytheon Marine GmbH, Kiel (formerly Anschütz & Co. GmbH, Kiel), which is still a leading manufacturer world-wide of gyro compasses and navigation systems today.
Source: Einstein Website

2. Einstein's Refrigerator

Einstein’s principle of relativity put his call within the records books, however he made a tidy earning out of his in advance innovations—specifically his refrigerator.

He accrued royalties in this with a co-inventor while running on better-recognized stuff, just like the Manhattan Project The splendor of this refrigerator is that it has no moving components, and calls for not anything more than a heat source. It is believed that Einstein acted as a representative to Leo Szilard, who in all likelihood did the heavy lifting, but they filed the patent together.

Why did he made a refrigerator? 
He need to find a refrigerator that won't leak harmful toxic gas like methyl chloride, ammonia, and sulfur dioxide from its machinery. 

How to solve?
Eliminate the mechanical parts.  

Einstein-Szilard electromagnetic pump, the most successful design depended on an EM field to move a metallic liquid which then compresses the refrigerant.
Infamous Inventions of Albert Einstein LetsPhysics.com
Source : Google Patents

3. No Sleeve Expandable Jacket

Infamous Inventions of Albert Einstein LetsPhysics.com

It had an adjustable waist for those days once you’ve had a exquisite Sunday brunch, but it additionally had an abnormal function: it didn't have any sleeves. On this way it appeared just like a vest worn below formal jackets, hardly ever seen in present-day places of work. This was very helpful for those,who suddenly gain weight and hang bellies. You can adjust it using the two buttons given on it.
Source : GrapeVine

4. Light Intensity Auto Adjusting Camera

Infamous Inventions of Albert Einstein LetsPhysics.com
Source : Science news

Albert Einstein is also the inventor of a camera that clicks photographs with the proper aperture and exposure ,which is automatically determined.

He achieved this by using the photo­-electric cells to the cameras.
The patent is No. 2,058,562 and the application was filed on Dec. 11, 1935, by Dr. Einstein jointly with Dr. Gustav Bucky of NYC

How do Bucky - Einstein camera works?
Light from the object,which is being photographed comes to an auxiliary lens, falls on the photoelectric cell. On the main camera lens system,a varying transparent screen is mounted,which is moved in accordance with the amount of light that the photo electric cell (or the eye of the camera) sees, which lets more light to fall on the photographic plate at need.

5. The Einstein - Hearing Aid

The inspiring from the sympathy for hearing loss of a singer,whom Einstein knew,he creating a working model of a hearing aid with a German engineer named Rudolf Goldschmidt in 1934
Source : APS News

6. Weather Forecast Auto Correcting Device

7. Airplane Level Indicator

Along with a gyroscope,he made a device along with Dr Bucky to find plane’s twisting and turning in mid-air.

8. Current measuring Device

He created a device with Dr Bucky,to measure the minor amounts of electricity found in a liquid. Due to the lack of economic possibilities,this invention was only in history.

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