Saturday, 21 April 2018

Is night really a shadow?

What is a night?
Well, its the dark thing or lightless thing, before sunrise and after sunset.
Is that it?

The best accurate and more simpler way is to tell that The Night is the shadow!
Shadow of earth.
As everyone thinks, shadow isn't just the absence of light over a surface ,produced when an opaque object is kept in front of a light source. Instead it is the entire surface of the volume behind this object, where light doesn't occur to illuminate.

If you consider a rectangular book kept in front of you, shadow is not just the rectangular shape we see in the screen behind the book, but the surface of cuboid starting from the text book till the screen.
That surface of the cuboid is entirely the shadow.
Hence, night is just the shadow of earth!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Will microbes from mars take over earth?

It's a serious issue to consider the possibility of non-earth origin microbes entering earth and resulting a biological shift,especially from the space crafts returning to earth after their journey.

There would be microbes in the space craft,originated from earth. But it doesn't hurt us. As none of them have been seen surviving on the other planets or space,we don't have to worry about them taking over that host. (until we see some).
However the reverse is a good possibility.

Whenever the spacecrafts going far to discover the cosmos,returns back,infected over the microbes there (if some have existed) will cause serious illness to our nature. Especially as we're seriously engaged in exploring the near by planets. Sending spacecrafts' to Mars and Saturn,is a good chance to pave up a notion to think this.

We have seen bacterias' and other microbes surviving harsh conditions; in Earth's core,in Antarctica and so on. Even the Antibiotics are made out of them,whose resistive capacity is still a mystery.

Usually scientists heats up those space crafts at 400-500 degree kelvin before exposing to our surrounding. People travelled in them are quarantined for atleast 3-4 weeks before giving their civilian freedom.

Hope we are safe and secure!

How do Bending of Light looks like?

Have you ever wondered how do the images looks like,if they were formed of light which got bend?

Infamous Inventions of Albert Einstein

Dr Albert Einstein is famous for his Nobel won Photoelectric,Quanta,mass-energy equivalence and the Extraordinary Relativity theories. 

Mayans and the LiDAR

Recently, using the LIDAR technique, researchers have found the picture of a Mayan city, which have been covered by the dense jungle of Guatemala's Peten region. This city is as much bigger a Mumbai or Chennai, with lakhs of people's presence.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Kasei Valles - The lengthiest hope for water on Mars

The below image is the one captured by Mars Colour Camera, which has kept onboard of Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), ISRO. The image shows flood carved channel system of Kasei Valles.