Monday, 12 March 2018

Are we the humans, baryonic matter?

Matter is anything that occupies some space and have mass.

Universe in general is electrically neutral. By the term electrically we mean the charge itself. As far as we are concerned proton have a +1 positive charge and Electron have -1 negative charge,while neutron is charge-less or has 0 charge.

To make the universe neutral electrically,the number of protons must be equal to number of electrons which is of course equal. However mass of the a proton is 1836 times the mass of an electron. As the number of particles in consideration increases ,we can see the mass, is mainly contributed by proton; which is a baryon. But electron is a lepton. 

Matter is mainly a 'matter' because if its mass and this mass is mainly constituted by protons (and neutron too) which is a baryon. Hence the name Baryonic matter.

Unstable elementary particles are becoming stable when they form nucleus and atom. These protons become the identity of an atom,with which we are all made of. So what do we call yourself other than a baryonic matter?

Yes Humans and all the living or nonliving biosphere is a bunch of Baryonic matter in action ;-)

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