Saturday, 7 July 2018

Where did our oceans come from?

Without a doubt,we all know that earth was a molten rock before millions of years. Gradually it cooled to form the current earth. Now,75% of the earth is covered with water,which is one of the primary factor for supporting life on earth. But where did this water come from? Where did our oceans originate from?

One of the theory suggests that the water and entire ocean was formed as a result of bombardment of a large icy body,generally known as Cometary Nucleus. It isn't a complete comet,but the head of a comet. They must have collided with the newly formed baby earth. It is assumed that this comet head was attracted to earth due to its gravity,as a part of sweeping its orbit around Sun.

However,another theory suggests that,water was sourced down to earth itself and is never any alienated substance from a comet or other bodies. They are arguing that the same Protoplanetory debris which  caused earth to form,also must have water and icy crystals with them.

NB: There is a theory suggesting that life came from somewhere else and was not originated on this planet earth. There are suggestions that life came with the ice crystals in this cometary head and lived in the water on earth,later survived and evolution took place to get adapted to this planet.

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