Saturday, 7 July 2018

What is a planet?

Sky watchers named planet as Planet,which means wanderers. They weren't starts which shines,but wanders like them seen around our view-able horizons.

Today we refer planets to the 8 different celestial bodies,which are categorically Endo-planets.

You might have known about removal of Pluto from the 9 planet system we earlier had.

International Astronomical Union or IAU defines what a planet must be.
1. It must be a celestial body orbiting around the sun.
2. It must have its own gravity to form into a spherical/round shape
3. It must have swept its surroundings,so that nothing else is sharing its orbit around sun.

Comets,Asteroids and Huge rocks are those with their own gravitational senses,but never occupied a round shape of their own.

There is a category called Dwarf Planets,which is orbiting around the sun,have a spherical/round shape but never sweeps other things off from its orbit.

Dwarf planets of the solar system include Pluto,Ceres,Eris,Makemake and Haumea.

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