Sunday, 1 July 2018

Tyndall effect in Mizoram

Tyndall effect is an effect seen when light gets scattered,while it is passing through a colloidal solution. Colloidal solution contains particles suspended through out it,which scatters the light.

Copper sulphate is a white powder. But when it is mixed with little drops of water it turns sky blue in colour. When we makes solution of copper sulphate, It is a colloidal solution.
Milk,Mayonnaise are some other examples.

The most important property of Tyndall effect is that it makes the light beam visible. Light collides with the colloid and reflection takes place,which makes the path visible,hence the beam.

Tyndall effect is the reason why we see yellow light beams in fog and smoke at night in front of vehicles.
Tyndall effect is the reason why we see tails of comets.
Tyndall effect is the reason why we can see light beams inside a dense forest.

The Murlen National park is situated at Mizoram,India. The thickness of the forest is generally compared with that of Amazon forest's parts in South America. Here only 1% of the sunlight on a heavy sunny day could penetrate the forest.

Tyndall effect seen in those forests will be a magnificent visual for our human eyes due to the thick darkness and cool moisture.

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