Thursday, 24 May 2018

India based Neutrino Observatory

Neutrino experiment is going wide all over the globe. Some still don't understand the need for one and the possible outcomes it could produce. Rather than interpreting the signs of scientific shift even happening among the Third world countries,certain groups are interested in misleading the society to make them believe that this is some sort of Armageddon experiment to Doom our own existence.

A neutrino detector is literally some apparatus to detect neutrinos.Neutrinos are one of the fundamental particles which governs the particle universe,which is passing through us each second,penetrating through everything we see,everything we can ever see. An approximate amount would be Thousands of billions of them passing through a square-feet. Still we can't see them,sense them and hardest of all to detect. The major reason is that they won't react or interact with majority of matter. Though,the interaction is weak,they aren't null. There are materials to which they interact,with very less probability;such as Hard-water. Their charge-less behavior and negligible mass creates it more problematic in detection.

The detection techniques vary depending on the technology the people have. Scintillators are a sort of detectors which study the counter reactions caused by anti-neutrinos in water.Then there is Radio-chemical method which involves a Chlorine rich solution,which upon reacted by neutrino gets converted into Argon. Then there are Cherenkov detectors which study the Cherenkov radiations produced due to the interactions of Neutrinos.

There are detectors made in the form of observatories. Normally the observatories which we are familiar with,collects the amount of light falling on them and creates images. Astrophysical events are believed to be emitting neutrinos,such that like the normal telescopes we could make some neutrino detecting telescopes and point to them to collect the incoming neutrinos.

Currently there are Variety of telescope functioning.
There are Underwater neutrino telescopes like Baikal Deep Underwater Neutrino Telescope and ANTARES which are functional; KM3NeT and NESTOR under construction. Under-ice neutrino telescopes like AMANDA aka IceCube ,and its future extension DeepCore and PINGU. Underground neutrino telescopes like Borexino and Soudan Mine.

Scientists have come over with theories stating that these neutrinos would be those stuffs which could have an age of our universe itself,which is among the few things which still exists from the day big bang occurred. Their presence is expected also at black-hole merging,gamma ray bursts and all most every nuclear reactions. They are also studied from the abandoned or using Nuclear reactors. Studying these Omnipresent Particles would give insight into the history of our Universe and would probably result in a paradigm shift of our current concepts.

India-based Neutrino Observatory or The INO project is the upcoming one,in the Theni district of TamilNadu state of India. It is a Cherenkov detector,which studies the interaction of neutrinos in certain liquids like Hard-water. A cave like bunker is dug up in the bottom of a mountain and the observatory is installed there. Officials from the Department of Atomic energy and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research have taken extreme care in conserving the wildlife,stability of the mountain and destruction of habitat around it to its extreme sensible level. Though the process is in acceleration,the functioning is still delayed due to the protests from mislead mob and public.

The main misleading fact about neutrino observatories are,people are mis-informed that these are some big giant bomb like exploding accelerators and colliders,like Large Hadron Collider. Some are mis-informed that these are like Atomic reactors ,which could produce harmful radiations. If we are to be killed by neutrinos,then there won't be any form of life over anywhere over the universe. 

Apart from these,one of the main advantage of these neutrino detection is the possibility to detect the presence of extra terrestrial activities.

In the earlier stages people have advocated that the Space Research is a waste of money and time,which has become one of the top successful industry in India now; which also brings foreign revenue to the country competing against any other trade in the country. Of course ISRO have marked their uniqueness and proved the efficiency among the field. Observatories like INO are the next stepping stone of the freethinking science in India. Hopes,INO works better.

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  1. Gama rays produced at the core of Sun takes about million years to get out from the Sun. They gets deflected on particles and travels in a zig zag way and reach surface as infra red and visble light.So we can not get idea about the fusion now taking place in the core..But neutrinos pass through the particles in sun at speed of light and reach us .So to study the current activity inside sun we must observe the neutrinos.